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Digital Accessibility and Software QA: Leadership Seminar in Partnership with Deque

12 November, 2019
News and research on financial software quality assurance and risk management

Tricentis: How to Build a Testing Team that Performs in a Changing Corporate Environment

28 May 2019
Partner Content: Have you inherited a ‘blank slate’ for software quality assurance or need to adapt to shifting corporate priorities? Follow these three steps from Tricentis for building a successful QA team.

Tricentis: ETL Test Automation for DWH/BI, Data Integration and Big Data Projects

28 May 2019
Partner Content: This paper from Tricentis outlines why a DevOps-driven test automation approach is imperative for data integration project success and typical use cases.

Tricentis: Financial Services Case Study – Improving Time-to-Market and Risk Coverage

28 May 2019
Partner Content: This case study illustrates how Tricentis and Infosys were able to improve risk coverage, time to market and align testing to regular SAP upgrades for a large financial services firm.

Tricentis: What You Don’t Know About Your Legacy QA Tools That Creates Risk

28 May 2019
Partner Content: Tricentis examines how toolchain and process modernization reduces risk and improves the development process, identifying in turn the critical shortcomings of legacy tools and processes.

Tricentis: Why Modernizing Software Testing is Critical for SAP S/4HANA Success

28 May 2019
Partner Content: This paper from Tricentis outlines how modernized software testing helps to ensure a smooth S/4HANA migration, protects the user experience and identifies six best practices for success.

Exactpro: ClearTH and Woodpecker for Post-Trade Systems

28 May 2019
Partner Content: In the spirit of Exactpro’s motto — 'Build software to test software' — this white paper by Dr. Elena Treshcheva presents the company’s new solution — Woodpecker, a ClearTH Extension.

Exactpro: Large Scale Infrastructure Intervention and Fake Testing

28 May 2019
Partner Content: Software testing is an information service, a process of providing objective, independent information about the software quality. The most obvious way to label software testing you are not happy with is ‘Fake Testing’.

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