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QA Vector® Research

The QA Vector® team provides expert analysis of the challenges of managing quality in an evolving software development lifecycle through our Insight and Impact Reports and unique quality benchmarking Analytics.

We can produce and distribute high-quality research content to generate leads for you business. Even in the most challenging markets, you can win new customers by demonstrating your leadership and your technology edge in software quality assurance. Get in touch with QA Vector ® Research to find out how we can help.


We can help you build your lead generation with QA Vector® Research - Find out more today

QA Vector® Insight Reports

QA Vector® Insight reports examine specific quality challenges of financial software and how banks, insurance and asset management and fintech companies think about and solve those challenges. We identify best practices and recommend successful approaches to change, all based on in-depth interviews we conduct with QA and DevOps leaders in the financial industry. QA Vector® Insight reports can be used to facilitate lead generation and client dialogues.

Latest Insight Reports we have conducted:

QA Vector® Impact Reports

QA Vector® Impact reports measure the performance of vendors in helping their clients accelerate and improve the delivery of software. These reports are based on feedback from users of those specialist service and tool providers. We provide confidential detailed feedback to those commissioning QA Vector® Impact reports with a clear view of the vendors market position against competitors, strengths and weaknesses and to understand growth and development opportunities.

See an example of our Impact Report below

QA Vector® Analytics

QA Vector® Analytics takes an approach that we have developed and pioneered in consultation with the financial community to benchmark the efficacy and cost effectiveness of quality efforts. QA Vector® Analytics enable financial institutions to compare their quality performance across projects, development approaches and against their peers.

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We can help you build your lead generation with QA Vector® Research - Find out more today

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