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QA Vector® 500

The QA Vector® 500 is a unique procurement and vendor risk management tool, serving the financial services marketplace for software quality assurance services.

The QA Vector® 500 details specialist vendors of quality assurance services, consultants and systems integrators. The QA Vector® Research team maintain impartial, comprehensive and timely information about the vendors serving this industry. Our team provide specific insights on the challenges and best practices as they emerge.

Qualified QA Vector® 500 vendors are able to leverage this resource as a library for their marketing and technical content, driving traffic to their websites and creating lead generation opportunities.

For Financial Services Institutions

Access objective operational and strategic vendor insights

QA Vector® Research provides impartial company, product and financial information, in addition to qualified peer feedback

Discover comprehensive procurement and vendor risk management insights

The QA Vector® 500 is the single source of truth about all of the vendors, consultants and systems integrators serving the software risk management community in financial services.

Learn about how the QA Vector® 500 can help you in your daily workflow

For Quality Assurance Vendors

Identify the issues impacting your target market

QA Vector® Research provides comprehensive, objective insights about the issues impacting your target audience and lessons learned.

Promote the alignment of your solutions to the needs of the market

Qualified QA Vector® 500 providers may augment their lead generation activities by promoting content and sponsoring QA Vector Research papers.

Explore the key benefits of a QA Vector® 500 subscription by watching this video

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