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6 August, 2019
News and research on financial software quality assurance and risk management

Open-source QA and testing services vendor of the year: Perfecto

Partner Project: Rabobank

Financial firms are increasingly presenting themselves as IT companies to their investors and customers. As a result, more and more are embracing open source tools.

“Nowadays, it’s much more common to see banks incorporating open-source toolsets into their technology stack,” Hardy Seinhorst, Senior Delivery Manager at Rabobank, told QA Financial. “The culture within software teams at banks is changing, and an engineering culture has emerged. Today a bank needs to be an IT company, and this mindset makes it much easier to adopt open-source technology.”

Rabobank, the Netherlands-based financial banking group which sees over 30 million logins to its mobile application each month, has opted to use open-source testing tools like Selenium rather than off-the-shelf products. The bank’s mobile app and website have also been built using open-source software. “Open-source software is quickly updated. Of course it’s free, but for a bank that’s not the most important thing. For Rabobank, having a community of developers working on the technology, improving it and providing the latest insights and support, that’s what has been important for us,” added Seinhorst.

The bank is continually focused on building an efficient high-velocity toolchain with minimal vendor lock-in. And easy integration has been an important selection criterion for any tool brought into their toolchain.

“Banks are measured and judged by their digital services and by the experiences of their customers,” explained Roi Carmel, Chief Marketing Officer at Perfecto. “We are at a turning point in the market, where conversations around quality are moving from it being a necessity to it being an enabler of velocity in the dev lifecycle.”

In 2014, Rabobank enlisted Boston-based Perfecto to install their Continuous Quality Lab (CQ Lab), a cloud-based platform which provides access to a number of real mobile devices, in a bid to move from disparate teams to one collaborative DevOps function. “Perfecto embraces open-source. The entire product offering spans around dev and test open-source frameworks. Ultimately, this gives users complete control of how they develop and test,” said Carmel.

“We wanted a hybrid environment where we could test all applications, and this wasn’t an environment that we could build ourselves. Perfecto’s solution seemed to be the furthest developed in this area,” added Seinhorst. “We realised our customers were accessing our services not only through different devices but via 1000s of different configurations. While we didn’t want to test every single variant, we needed a good median.”

Perfecto worked with developers and testing teams at Rabobank to automate continuous testing throughout the DevOps cycle – supporting continuous integration, faster releases and the development of a practical DevOps culture.

Today the bank continues to use the mobile testing functionality of the CQ Lab, but looks to expands the use of the platform to include it’s web testing capabilities. “This part of the platform currently doesn’t deliver more than what we have in-house, but there are on-going discussions and we want to help Perfecto develop the product along the way,” said Seinhorst. “We notice things that could be improved and we discuss that with Perfecto. They take suggestions onboard and change the product accordingly. It’s a real engineering company.”


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