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12 November, 2019
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Lead generation for QA vendors

A guide to webinars

At QA Media, we know that our customers want to produce highly relevant content that is aligned to the challenges their customers face in their digital journey.
And our customers also want leads. Those leads are a defined RoI on their marketing investment and a concrete base for the next stage of their sales.
Webinars are a highly effective way to generate qualified leads, and QA Media - because we have a global audience focused on financial services -  is an ideal partner for webinar production.
Click here to watch a webinar we produced for QASymphony recently, for example.
Although QA Media is a relatively new business, our sales, marketing and editorial team has many years experience of producing effective webinars. We know how to get the best our of the available technology.
While some marketers we've spoken to believe the RoI from webinars has peaked (because there are a lot of them) we disagree. We believe GDPR will reinstate webinars as an essential marketing tool, for the simple reason that webinardelegate has to exchange data information in exchange for taking part, and the permissioning for the data can be tailored to the specific compliance requirements of the marketer.
And of course if your are dealing with a reliable third party webinar provider (such as QA Media, for example!) then you are agreeing a cost-per-lead price. It's our job to do the hard work, even if the market is crowded. Again, this is where our knowledge of our audience is critical.
Here's our five point guide to making that webinar stand out.
1/ Content is King. That will never change. But there are an awful lot of dull webinars out there. Badly rehearsed. Monotonous. Dry technical presentations. We always recommend involving a client firm, and focusing the content on a specific topic for a specific audience.
2/ Choose a really effective webinar platform. In choosing, we reviewed five different platforms, and we believe On24 is the best . It allows customised design (to ensure your branding is clear); live audience questions, surveys and white paper downloads; excellent data management and dashboarding and great technical support.
3/ Plan and rehearse the webinar. That sounds obvious. But in-house marketing teams can sometimes struggle to get webinar presenters to properly prepare. Your plan for webinar can include a slide presentation, time for questions, and a specific call-to-action. But getting that all in to 45 minutes (which is the optimum length of time for a webinar) requires careful scripting and a full dress rehearsal three days before the live event.
4/ Marketing is essential. OK, so this is partly our sales pitch! QA Media is currently marketing webinars and events to a database of more that 12,000 decision-makers in financial software quality assurance. We also find Linked In highly effective for marketing webinars; especially if your webinar is topical. And you need a full month of marketing.
5/ Define your RoI. That means leads. And here's a simple example. QAFinancial charges £12,500 for a webinar and we will deliver 50 qualified leads. So £250 (or $330) per lead. We're talking about a very specific audience, and we believe that is excellent value.
If you'd like to find out more about how we can work with you, contact [email protected]


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