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The QA Government & Public Sector Forum: London 2018

3 October, 2018
News and research on financial software quality assurance and risk management

The QA Financial Forum: New York 2018

28 November, 2018 8am-6pm Harvard Club of New York

Major financial firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Transamerica will be sharing the story of their digital journey at the QA Financial forum New York in November 2018. This will be our third event at the Harvard Club of New York City, and delegate places at this refined and convenient venue are strictly limited.

About the event

Major financial firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Transamerica will be sharing the story of their digital journey at the QA Financial forum New York in November 2018. This will be our third event at the Harvard Club of New York City, and delegate places at this refined and convenient venue are strictly limited. This Chatham House Rule conference is designed to promote the sharing of information between heads of quality assurance and platform architecture at financial firms, as well as other key decision-makers and stakeholders in IT investment, such as operational risk managers and IT risk managers.  As regulators around the world increase the detail of their scrutiny of the development of apps at banks, insurers and asset managers, our speakers will discuss the technical requirements of embedding compliance in the SDLC. Other key topics include machine learning for test automation and the testing and quality assurance of Blockchain platforms.



IT Risk Management and Quality Assurance for Continuous App Delivery

This is the leading conference event for professionals working in quality assurance and testing for software at banks, insurance companies and asset management companies. Featuring in-depth coverage on technologies for automation and continuous app delivery, including artificial intelligence.

Presentations are made and discussed under the Chatham House Rule.

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Sundeep Kumar JP Morgan Chase

Executive Director, Global Technology

Sundeep is a seasoned technologist and a strategic and delivery-focused development manager with immense experience in Financial Risk Management, Pricing, Analytics, Bond Valuations, Credit Products Risk Management (CDOs, credit default swaps, synthetic CDOs, etc.), Limits Management, Rules Based Risk Management, Credit Underwriting, Commercial Bank Operations (credit origination, credit analysis and approval, Early Warning, and Remedial), CCAR, Basel II and Basel III reporting, exotics, and OTC products. He is also experienced in designing, developing, and implementing trading systems for diverse financial products and services ranging from Equities, Equity Derivatives, Futures, Fixed Income, Algorithmic and Basket trading, and FX.

Sundeep has in-depth business knowledge of market protocols, trading rules, credit processes, regulatory requirements, Monte Carlo simulation, Mathcad, pricing, and analytics of financial products. He has an M.B.A. in Finance and International business from NYU Stern School of Business and is a C.F.A. Charterholder. Sundeepalso holds a BTech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Polytechnic University of Brooklyn.

Ilya Lyubarsky CLS Bank International

Head of Architecture, Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies

Bio coming soon.

Tatyana Kravtsiv CLS Bank International

Head of FXCORE Platform Delivery, Head of PM and QA

Bio coming soon.

Lev Lesokhin CAST

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Analytics

Lev Lesokhin is responsible for strategy, cyber resilience policy, and analytics
research activities for CAST, the global leader in software analytics and risk
prevention. He serves on the boards of the Consortium for IT Software Quality
and the TMMI Foundation, and appears in such media as the BBC, Bloomberg,
CBS, The Times, and CNBC.
Lev has many years of direct experience as a developer and manager of
application development teams, and managed large client relationships for a
regional Systems Integrator. Lev comes to CAST from SAP, where he helped
launch SAP’s first SaaS products. He also served as a consultant at McKinsey &
Company, dealing with issues of business strategy, IT management,
governance, metrics and outsourcing. Lev holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering
from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of

Gene Genovese AXA

Head of Quality Assurance and Engineering

Bio coming soon.

Igor Aronov Jefferies

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Cloud Engineering

Igor is a technologist with more than 20 years of transformative leadership experience in Enterprise IT. He has a diverse range of experience, as well as a unique depth and breadth of expert knowledge, spanning various domains of Cloud Computing, Information Security and IT Infrastructure, including public/private/hybrid Cloud, systems and storage.

Cindy Harro (Moderator) Bank of America

Senior Vice President, Cloud Risk, Security and Regulatory Governance

Cindy is SVP, Cloud Risk, Security and Regulatory Governance at Bank of America in New York City.
She is responsible for leading the development and implementation of strategies designed to ensure
that supervisory controls are in place to be adherent to a laws, rules, regulations, policies and
standards globally, for all 3rd and 4 th party cloud service provider scenarios, including SaaS, PaaS
and IaaS. She is responsible for building models to measure the business risk of moving regulated
data off premise. Cindy works closely with senior executives, Compliance, Operational Risk, Audit
and external regulators.
Previously, Cindy was the Security, Compliance and Risk Program Director for IBM's "Watson
Platform for Health" PaaS cloud. She led a global organization of cybersecurity, compliance, risk and
SW development professionals to build secure and HIPAA regulatory compliant software. She was
responsible for defining the security and compliance requirements, performing vulnerability scanning,
penetration testing, managing regulatory compliance (HIPAA) audit controls testing and identifying
security and regulatory risks for senior executive review. Cindy performed a similar role for an IBM
Analytics Cloud before joining IBM Watson Health.

Michael Cooper Transamerica

Quality and Testing Leader

Michael is a leader in the fields of QA, software testing, and process improvement. Michael brings more than 16 years of hands-on QA and Testing leadership experience.
Prior to joining Transamerica, Michael was the Chief Quality Officer at W3 and World Wide QA and Testing Evangelist with HP Software. Before joining HP, Michael was Head of Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) at T-Mobile USA, reporting directly to the CIO; he led a team of more than 400 QA professionals. While at T-Mobile Michael and his team partnered closely with Amdocs on an QA, Testing and Infrastructure Services that increased productivity, reduced system downtime and provided the foundation an enormously successful growth strategy. Michael also held Senior QA and Testing leadership positions at FICO., Inovis and Equifax.

Michael participates in the QA community as a strategic Advisor to leading companies including Amdocs and his recognized for his work around the future of QA and Testing. Michael has presented at conferences around the globe including SAP Saphire/TechED, HP Discover, Amdocs InTouch, QAI Quest, StarEast/West and EuroStar and many more. Michael graduated with honors from the University of Florida, studied abroad at the University of Cambridge and earned a MBA from Georgia State University; he is also a Certified Scrum Master.
Recognitions include the 2011 HP Software Award of Excellence Americas – People’s Choice, the 2009 HP Software Award of Excellence for IT Transformation, T-Mobile CIO Award, and the Quality Leadership Executive of the Year Award in 2006.

Byron Glick American Family Insurance

Director of Quality Assurance

Throughout his career Byron has placed technology in the service of organizational change. His passion is helping technologists deliver greater value to their organizations and constituents.  He’s led successful internal start-ups for The University of Wisconsin, Digital Equipment Corporation, Berbee Information Networks, and others. His leadership has enhanced the effectiveness of technology for Boeing, Toys R Us, General Motors, Nielsen and the American Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.  Byron is currently part of the I/S Quality Engineering team at American Family Insurance in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jason Jerina New York Life Insurance Company

Head of Quality Assurance, Application Support and Maintenance

Jason Jerina has been a technology leader for over 20 years.  He's led Software Development, Release Management, Business Analyst, Application Support and Quality Assurance organizations in a few industries.

Jason grew up in technology as a hands on tester.  Early in his career he progressed from a QA tester, to Quality Assurance Lead, to then a Quality Assurance Manager.  After his career progression into management, he soon became a senior leader of development teams, production support, release management and business analyst teams.

His passion has always been for Quality Assurance, Technology Leadership, and Production Support.  Most of his 20+ years have been spent in Financial Services firms, ranging from Banking, Capital Markets, and now Insurance.

His passion for Technology Leadership and Quality Assurance have enabled him to drive innovation with his teams in areas such as test automation, performance engineering, white box testing, and newer efficient approaches to Acceptance Testing.  His approach is to encourage innovative ideas from his teams, encourage them to try them, and support them in their efforts to deliver.

Thomas Haver Huntington National Bank

Senior Application Architect

Thomas is presently serving as a Senior Application Architect for Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. Originally accountable for the development and maintenance of automation frameworks for Digital Channels, he now leads the automation effort for 73 applications across Huntington that encompass testing, metrics & reporting, data, and environment. Thomas leads the training & technical support for both on-site employees as well as offshore contractors. He has developed test strategies and assisted in coordination between multiple lines to improve delivery effectiveness & resource flexibility.



Arrival, refreshments, and networking


Welcome Address

Matthew Crabbe – CEO and Founder – QA Media


Service Virtualization as an Enabler of DevOps and Continuous Integration: Shifting Left of Left – Using Modern Tools to Unshackle DevOps Implementation

Speaker: Sundeep Kumar – Executive Director, Technology – J.P. Morgan Chase

Many financial firms face limitations in DevOps implementation due to a lack of effective automated testing. Poor data quality in lower environments and the inability to test components independently of each other often limits the effectiveness of “Shift Left”. By using Service Virtualization, Production Data Sandboxing and Machine Learning techniques we can enable the full potential of DevOps implementation and achieve true quality


Testing for Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers


Tatyana Kravtsiv – Head of FXCORE Platform Delivery, Head of PM and QA – CLS Bank


Ilya Lyubarsky – Head of Architecture, Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies – CLS Bank International

As blockchain technologies become more widely used by financial firms, questions remain over improving security and testing for distributed ledger platforms. How do firms test smart contracts? Our panel of experts will discuss the industry standards for such testing, as well as considering how to embed test automation into contract and platform construction.




Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Coffee & Networking


Panel Discussion: Engineering Quality: A New Opportunity for Heads of QA


Lev Lesokhin: Executive Vice President, Strategy and Analytics – CAST

Further panellists TBC

Agile and DevOps have transformed delivery while blurring developer, operations, and quality roles. As we move into DevOps 2.0, there is an opportunity for QA leaders and teams to evolve and expand their influence within the IT organization of financial firms - by assessing the engineering quality of systems. However, this opportunity demands new skill sets and perspectives that traditional quality teams must adopt.  Our panellists will describe what 'engineering quality' means, address how they are motivating teams to "shift-left,” and share how they are helping QA teams develop engineering disciplines (coding, architecture, and system thinking).


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Building the Business Case for Transformation of Software Quality Assurance

Speaker: Gene Genovese – Head of Quality Assurance and Engineering – AXA

The transformation of QA is an essential element of the transition from legacy to agility in the SDLC. Gene will explain how AXA's investment portfolio into QA has enabled the streamlining of QA cost and optimised practice. He will detail the technologies that have been introduced at AXA to facilitate QA transformation, eg: Test automation and Test Service Virtualisation. And critically: How has the ROI for these technologies been shown through improved QA practice?


Lunch & Networking


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Panel Discussion: Security, the Cloud and Industry Standards for Software Risk

Moderated by: Cindy Harro – SVP, Cloud Risk, Security and Regulatory Governance at Bank of America


Igor Aronov - SVP, Global Head of Cloud Engineering - Jefferies

Further panellists TBC

Our panel on security and risk in the cloud will focus on​ two critical topics. First how financial firms are managing compliance surrounding software security and data protection, and secondly, the more general development context of the move to the Cloud and the evolution of software-as-a-service. What risk are software integrators and consultants recommending, and are customer firms moving toward an agreement on industry standards? Critically, what standards do firms see the regulators applying?


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Coffee & Networking


Embedding Regulatory Compliance in to the SDLC

Speaker: Michael Cooper, Quality and Testing Leader at Transamerica The number one challenge in software quality assurance for financial firms? Many would say it is embedding regulatory compliance while automating and accelerating delivery. Michael will explain how Transamerica has managed that transition. There is often a belief that DevOps and Agile practices are incompatible with the development of compliance-sensitive apps; perhaps because they involve a risk of an inadequate audit trail, or because expertise is spread too thinly. So more traditional - and lengthy - waterfall methods prevail. But it doesn't have to be this way. As Michael will explain, financial firms large and small can develop a "regulation strategic" quality assurance practice that combines tools for agile testing and business-driven development (BDD) that meet the regulatory challenge.


Panel Discussion: Quality Assurance, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Byron Glick - Director of Quality Assurance - American Family Insurance

Jason Jerina - Head of Quality Assurance, Application Support and Maintenance - New York Life

Further panellists TBC

Everyone is talking about AI and machine learning - but how will firms test machine learning systems as they increasingly become a reality? Matthew Crabbe, CEO of QA Financial, will discuss these challenges and more with our expert panellists, who will share their insights on the challenges that financial firms face when it comes to testing apps and financial software, and also the potential uses for Machine Learning within QA processes. 


Forward Thinking Test Automation: Invest in People to Deliver Success

Speaker: Thomas Haver - Senior Application Architect - Huntington National Bank

Automation can be an effective tool within an organization’s software testing strategy if implemented correctly. Automation is often presented as a silver bullet or magical solution; however, experience and practice has taught the QA community there are pitfalls on the path to automation success. A lack of experience, time, and budget inhibits the viability and long-term sustainability of any such automation roll-out. In this talk, the audience learn how to build a robust automation solution across the Enterprise to improve application quality, testing efficiency, and lower operational costs. Colleagues within a company can achieve this goal without affecting project delivery time by combining the technical knowledge and experience of each team member with an automated solution to minimize redundant, costly activities. The solution incorporates both open-source tools and a cloud platform to establish a continuous automated testing environment ready for DevOps integration.



Panel Discussion: The Impact of Regulatory Compliance on Software Testing

Panellists TBC

In an environment of ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, financial firms are under more pressure than ever to document testing infrastructures, and to test architecture to ensure acceptable risk management procedures are in place. This panel will focus on these challenges and more, with particular focus on  The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) and Know Your Customer (KYC). The FRTB comes into force between 2022 and 2025 and is designed to implement a full, enterprise-wide, view of risk. For quality assurance teams there are technical challenges - such as creating new test data environments for new risk models and new risk engines; organisational challenges - linking the trading desk software to the risk management software; and of course the compliance challenges - ensuring that regulatory supervisors are satisfied with the testing of the new architecture.


Cocktail Reception

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