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The QA Financial Forum, Frankfurt 2018

13 June, 2018
News and research on financial software quality assurance and risk management

The QA Financial Forum, Frankfurt 2018

13 June, 2018 8am-5pm Jumeirah Frankfurt
Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2,
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Software quality assurance professionals working at financial firms face special challenges. That is why the QA Financial Forums are different. We focus on the regulatory drivers of software development, and how compliance requirements can be embedded in the SDLC.

About the event

Software quality assurance professionals working at financial firms face special challenges. That is why the QA Financial Forums are different. We focus on the regulatory drivers of software development, and how compliance requirements can be embedded in the SDLC. We focus on the business case for investment in new technologies in automation and machine learning for testing. And we focus on the business drivers for continuous integration and deployment of apps. Our speakers in Frankfurt will be experts from leading firms such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Munich Re and Credit Suisse. The emphasis is on sharing best practice and networking. The QA Financial Forum Frankfurt will be conducted in German and English, at the choice of speakers

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Yvette Berman Deutsche Bank

Head of Market Risk QA, Release and Environment Management

Yvette has 30 years’ experience across financial risk technology, which includes working at 3 Investment Banks including DB and a specialist consulting firm.

She has spent the last 22 years specialising in QA and Testing and the last 9 years of that with Deutsche Bank.

During that time she has built out QA functions across Deutsche Bank’s Risk Systems and has been a key influencer in defining, shaping and implementing the bank's QA practices across Risk platforms. With a strong focus on regulation across the Bank, in 2014 Yvette moved from a role running QA across the bank's Front Office Risk systems to building the QA and Testing, Environment and Release Management team’s years across Market and Counterparty Credit Risk.

Sergey Zabelin J.P. Morgan Chase

Executive Director, Head of Strategic Trading technology

Sergey's role is Executive Director, Head of Strategic Trading Technology for Asset Management GFICC and Liquidity at J.P. Morgan, and he is leading the Fixed Income Electronic Trading Technology team, Cortex.

The Cortex application, an in-house built electronic trading platform (OEMS), has won numerous industry and J.P. Morgan internal innovation awards. Sergey graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Iosif Itkin Exactpro

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Iosif is co-founder and co-CEO of Exactpro, a specialist firm focused on functional and non-functional testing for market infrastructures. Founded in 2009 with ten core specialists on board, Exactpro now employs over 550 specialists. In May 2015 - January 2018, Exactpro was part of the Technology Services division of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). In January 2018, the founders of Exactpro completed a management buyout from LSEG.

Iosif manages business development and research in the field of high-load trading systems reliability. He is actively involved in delivering strategic software testing initiatives. Iosif has organized several industry conferences, including EXTENT - Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends Conference. He frequently speaks at worldwide FinTech events.

Iosif started his professional career in 2000 as a software engineer in a US-based software development company. For seven years, he worked as a Team Lead and a Technology Architect on projects for a number of US companies. In 2006, Iosif joined a company providing QA services in the financial sector. His extensive software development experience helped him to establish a Performance Testing Department specialising in testing high load trading systems. As a Technical Lead, Iosif was responsible for developing testing tools and implementing technical solutions for a number of leading exchanges and global investment banks. Iosif also has experience managing a consulting practice with a focus on advanced execution systems. As VP of Technology, he was responsible for implementing testing solutions on a number of complex projects for customers worldwide.


Rudolf Schmandt Deutsche Bank

Managing Director, Safety and Soundness Infrastructure Operations and SnS, EMEA

Rudi Schmandt is in charge of GTO PBC and EMEA Production at Deutsche Bank, where he started working in 1998. Prior to this Rudi studied Physics, Maths, and Engineering.
He founded a garage in 1983. In 1985 he coded controls for a nuclear particle accelerator. In parallel he
developed complex simulation algorithms for the industry.
Rudi was in Iraq after Desert Storm on behalf of the UN distributing goods. When he returned he worked as
an engineering consultant building AI and CAE systems for the auto and aircraft industries. In parallel he ran
consultancies as a CEO.
In recent years he has built up the global incident and problem management function across the
enterprise before he was put in charge of GTO PBC and EMEA Production. He was a member of the board of
Postbank Systems and runs the Disentanglement of Postbank and DB production.
Rudi is married with two adult sons studying Physics and Engineering. His passions are still fast cars and

Jordan Daniel Bank of England

Head of Testing and Enterprise Release Management

Jordan has nearly 30 years’ experience as a Test and QA professional, across a number of different organisations in both the public and private sectors. More than 20 years of that time have been in leadership roles, with the last 5 spent at the Bank of England. During that time he has built the Test Practice out across all of the Bank’s business areas and expanded its remit to cover Test Enablement and Release Management.

 In 2017, the focus on this work moved to evolving testing towards QA and driving best practice into the area to meet the specific challenges presented by regulatory change and the ever increasing need for more, better and newer data and data analysis.

Ingmar Vis ABN AMRO

IT Consultant, Product Owner and Solution Designer

Ingmar has been working in IT for nearly a decade, working in
Application Development, Functional Maintenance and Continuous
Integration/ Continuous Delivery Implementation.

Ingmar has been a part of both Dev and Ops and has witnessed first hand
why trust and quality in the Software Delivery Life Cycle are vital
for high performing teams that mature into DevOps.

Ingmar is part of a team that works on standardizing software
development across the bank, by providing infrastructure, tooling,
standards & guidelines and hands-on coaching to help teams with
implementing CI/CD pipelines and improving their effectiveness. His
team consists of a multi-partner, multi-cultural blend of experts who
are on a constant quest to improve current ways of working.

Besides being an IT Consultant, Ingmar is also the Product Owner for
the SDLC Metrics team. This team delivers insights in the trends of
the Software Delivery Life Cycle on a team level but also a management

Ivo Meier Credit Suisse

Director, Head of Testing

Ivo Meier has a proven track record as a QA and Process Subject Matter
Expert along with a wide set of Management and Leadership skills, acquired
over more than 20 years in IT, leading cross-disciplined expert
teams, virtual communities and large globally federated IT teams (100+

He has in-depth knowledge of the SDLC and
is recognized as the authority in Testing across Credit Suisse
globally. He has repeatedly demonstrated his sense of innovation with
a special focus on QA, for example, improving the SDLC at Credit Suisse, adopting Agility in Testing and
establishing the Workflow Competence Center.

As part of his current role as a Director for the Swiss Universal Bank
within Credit Suisse, he has defined the approach on Crowd Testing
adoption for Credit Suisse’s Online Banking, which has been
implemented successfully.

Rabishankar Biswal ING DiBa

IT Business Analyst, ING Wholesale Banking

Rabi's experience in the financial services industry has been specifically focused on the Regulatory, Compliance and Core
Banking fields. In the regulatory space he has worked on Basel III, CRD VI and CRR
regulations. In the Compliance area his focus has been on AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CTF
(Counter Terrorism Financing) operations. Currently Rabi works at ING in the Core Banking
operation for the Wholesale Banking division. He specialises in the technology aspects of the above
mentioned fields. During his engagement with Consulting and Banking players he has focused on
the DevOps methodology of working and using the DevOps tools that are required to develop
solutions for the Financial Services industry. As a part of the DevOps team, he was also part of the process
of ensuring the security and various compliance processes involved in IT projects.

Vladimir Cvetic Allianz

Cloud Architect

Bio coming soon.

Faye Mathijssen ING

DevOps Engineer

Faye is a DevOps Engineer in the Consumer Loans department at ING Netherlands, where she has been working for three years.
As a full-stack developer, Faye builds front-end and back-end applications to facilitate consumer loan applications using a variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools.
Prior to her current position, Faye worked on an authenticating reverse proxy for ING's branch office and call centre employees, and  was elected 'Female role model of the year' in December of 2016.



Welcome Address and QA Vector Research Presentation

Matthew Crabbe – CEO – QA Financial

QA of Risk Systems and Platforms: How Technology Demands on Risk Platforms Have Evolved in an Increasingly Challenging Regulatory Environment

Speaker: Yvette Berman, Head of Market Risk QA, Release and Environment Management, Deutsche Bank

Regulation has been a key driver for change across investment banking systems, in particular those systems focused on Risk. Historically investment in Risk systems have been Front Office centric, but changes in regulation have caused a shift in focus towards Risk Management functions.  The change in focus has meant the build out of Risk Management systems focusing on control functions and reporting requirements. Risk systems are complex in terms of the data they present, and challenging when it comes to testing.  Yvette will provide an overview of the challenges of testing Risk Management systems in a changing technical and business environment.



Testing Cortex: JP Morgan’s In-House Trading Platform

Speaker: Sergey Zabelin - Executive Director, Head of Strategic Trading Technology - J.P. Morgan Chase

Sergey Zabelin's software engineering team in J.P. Morgan's trading space is known for being at the forefront of modern software development and quality assurance. Sergey will outline the challenges that his team have faced in building and testing Cortex, JP Morgan's electronic trading platform. Sergey will outline the unique QA issues that arise in such a high-stakes environment and the types of testing required for such a platform.


The Nature of Truth and How We Define Fake Testing

Speaker: Iosif Itkin - CEO and Co-Founder - Exactpro

We live in a world of complex and interconnected systems. The software development life cycle goes full steam ahead through agile transformations. Large technology infrastructures seek better ways of assuring quality, scalability and reliability for their platforms. The path is frequently obstructed by the spread of Fake Testing. Many project teams are vulnerable to this new danger. Iosif will share his thoughts on how to deal with the challenge in a post-truth world of eroding trust.


Coffee & Networking


Panel Discussion: Managing Software Risk: Vendor Risk Management and Benchmarking Software Quality


Rudolf Schmandt - Managing Director, Safety and Soundness Infrastructure Operations and SnS EMEA - Deutsche Bank

Further panellists TBC

As firms increase their reliance on software-based digital capabilities, they have big decisions to make about how they manage software risk and compliance requirements. This is especially true of decisions around the out-sourcing of code development and testing and also the use of open-source and third-party components. But how do you know that your software is good when the external vendors are involved? Our panel of experts will discuss embedding regulatory compliance into outsourcing decisions, how to bench-mark code quality, security and risk, and consider new models for managing off-shoring.


Integrated Data Taxonomies and Architecture: How Testing is Changing to Meet the Challenge

Speaker: Jordan Daniel, Head of Testing and Enterprise Release Management, Bank of England

In an environment of increasing regulatory change, financial firms are under mounting pressure to have more, better and newer data and data analysis. In 2017, the focus on this challenge at the Bank of England led to evolving testing and QA, and driving best practice in these areas.  Jordan will detail how RegTech and XBRL are driving changes in the way that data is collected and published, and the changes that testing is having to make to meet the challenges that this presents.



Lunch & Networking


Adopting Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment: A Case Study

Speaker: Ingmar Vis - IT consultant and Solution Designer: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment - ABN AMRO 

ABN AMRO is a leader among major banks in digital transformation - an example of how DevOps methodologies can be successfully applied to increase rates of automation and improve software quality. Ingmar will take you through how ABN AMRO has adopted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to enable faster delivery, and shed light on what lies in store in the coming years. 


Crowd Testing: Best Practices

Speaker: Ivo Meier - Director, Head of Testing - Credit Suisse

Ivo will focus on how Crowd-Testing has been established and adopted within Credit Suisse. He will explain the impact that has been made on the business and share practical advice on how to overcome challenges during implementation, as well as detail the risk management and legal implementation measures that are required.


Panel Discussion: Embedding GDPR and PSD2 Compliance into Software Development


Rabishankar Biswal - IT Business Analyst, ING Wholesale Banking - ING DiBa

Jordan Daniel, Head of Testing and Enterprise Release Management, Bank of England

In an environment of ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, financial firms must ensure that compliance is embedded throughout the SDLC. Our panel of experts will explore how IT risk management is being supervised by regulators and the impact and lessons learned from GDPR and PSD2. The panel will have particular focus on test data and test environment management.


Coffee & Networking


Panel Discussion: Financial Firms and the DevOps Revolution: How Can Financial Firms Accelerate Deployment and Make Continuous Integration More Efficient?


Faye Mathijssen - DevOps Engineer - ING 

Vladimir Cvetic - Cloud Architect - Allianz

Ingmar Vis - IT consultant and Solution Designer: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment - ABN AMRO 

How do you accelerate delivery while maintaining excellent software quality? How is software testing being redefined in the DevOps world? Our experts will examine the challenges shared at different financial firms, including how to overcome the challenges of the cultural shift inherent in DevOps, as well as focus on the latest technologies and open-source systems for automating deployment such as test service virtualisation and Kubernetes.


Agile and the Spotify model in practice at ING

Speaker: Faye Mathijssen - DevOps Engineer - ING 

How do you standardise software and re-organise departments and teams to become autonomous, while continuing to innovate? Faye will take you through the journey of how IT and business work together at ING to deliver incremental product improvements to its customers.  In 2016, ING moved from a pure Scrum approach to a more generalised agile way of working, and implemented the Spotify model to improve knowledge sharing among IT and business staff. Faye will explain how ING uses a combination of Continuous Development tools and established practices to speed up its software release process and to coordinate technical and functional tests on its applications.


Cocktail Reception


The Jumeirah Frankfurt is located right in the heart of the city – just a few steps away from the popular 'Zeil' shopping street and the financial district.

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By train

At Frankfurt main train station, you can take all metros (S-Bahn - platform 101 and 102) which are going to the city center. The station you have to exit the train is ‘Hauptwache’ (2nd stop). Please take the exit ‘Große Eschenheimer Straße’. You will find the entrance to the hotel after ‘Galeria Kaufhof’ at the right side.

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