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12 June, 2019
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The QA E-commerce Forum: New York 2019

14 November, 2019 8am-6pm Harvard Club of New York
35 W 44th St
New York

Introducing our first QA E-commerce forum in New York. Software quality assurance is critical to market share. This unique conference is focused on the key drivers of QA, including automated testing, performance testing and mobile testing to ensure a high quality UX.

About the event


Jai Padmanabhan Wayfair

Head of Performance Engineering

Jai is a versatile engineering leader with extensive experience in building API, web and mobile automation frameworks, tools and leading teams in DevOps, performance engineering and Cloud. He has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a MBA, has authored tech blogs and is a speaker at tech conferences. Jai is a constant learner with a strong focus on his customers' needs and has worked in large, mid size organizations as well as startups to deliver successful B2C, enterprise, SaaS and cloud based solutions.



Arrival, refreshments, and networking


Welcome Address

Matthew Crabbe, CEO and Founder – QA Media


AI and Automation: Cutting Edge Technologies for Continuous Delivery

Our opening keynote will focus on the potential for artificial intelligence in testing apps; both mobile and cross browser. Is AI the key to a perfect feedback loop, from the customer back to the developer, and the ultimate in UX? How do we know our bots are saying the right things, and doing the right things? And how do we benchmark the RoI from investment in automation and virtualization that will take us up and beyond the plateau that most companies have reached? This presentation will help you build your business case.


Testing and Managing Technical Debt in The Cloud

Many CTOs still worry that DevOps is a great way to lose control. But shifting left should really be about improving quality; not just doing things faster and in greater volume. During this session we will explore how the first step in the DevOps journey is identifying where the real costs lie, and will detail best practices for calculating technical debt.


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Coffee & Networking


Open Source or Off-the-Shelf? The right toolbox for APIs and the era of “Open Everything”

As more companies move to the Cloud, their options for assembling their development and testing toolboxes grow more numerous and more complex. Increasingly, they want a combination of open source tools and proprietary, off-the-shelf tools. Open source offers control, but is not always the most cost-effective route. That’s the perceived wisdom, in any case. Can you really go it 100% alone or do you need partners even in the truly Agile world of open source? And if a mix  of in-house development and proprietary tools, for testing automation in particular, is the right way to go; then who makes sure the bled is just right?


Accessibility Testing for Compliance and for Profit

Panel Discussion 

Accessibility testing is not just about compliance with the standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium. Properly planned and integrated into software design, accessibility means you open for business for more  customers than your competitors. We’ll be detailing the expected and unexpected issues that arise in accessibility testing. Our panellists will also discuss the right balance of automated and manual testing for accessibility, including the option of crowd testing.  


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Lunch & Networking


Performance Engineering As a Service (PEAS) at Wayfair

Speaker: Jai Padmanabhan, Head of Performance Engineering - Wayfair

For a global online retailer of Wayfair’s size, performance is crucial and extensive load testing necessary for the company’s 2,300+ software engineers working around the world. Jai will explain how he has developed a Performance-Engineering-as-a-Service (PEAS) hybrid model of on-premise and public Cloud to allow scalability and optimum performance across different platforms.


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Leveraging Automation and AI to Create a Seamless Omnichannel UX

Panel Discussion 

In a highly  competitive marketplace, UX is everything. In order to develop this UX a complex integration of tools is required, and firms must draw upon DevOps and Agile principles to ensure the development of a connected experience. During this session, we will address how firms are integrating and optimising tools to make the UX omnichannel, and examine best practices for cross browser testing to ensure a seamless experience.


Coffee & Networking


Test Data Management for Containerization and Virtualization

Research shows that investment in data environments is the number one issue  in software development for CTOs . Decisions are increasingly complicated by new data rules, notably the  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) , which is setting a new proxy standard across the US. And yet test data management should be getting easier with the increasing adoption of containerization and virtualization. Our panellists will share their experience in adopting these technologies; discuss the continuing challenge of compliance in test data management, and the emerging role of the Chief Data Test Manager.


DevSecOps: The Key to Managing IT Risk, or Not Quite “A Thing” Yet?

Panel Discussion 

This session will focus on the emerging  best practice for embedding security and penetration testing in the SDLC. The panel will discuss the potential and limitations of a DevSecOps framework, and identify which controls firms should be putting into place to position themselves to develop a mature and robust security framework. Who has DevSecOps, and does it really work?


Adapting to Technological Developments to Create an Agile QA Culture

As E-commerce firms integrate new technologies such as AI and automation into their software development practices, QA teams must adapt to this cultural shift. During this session delegates will gain insight into how firms are requirement gathering in order to understand the new role of QA in increasingly automated firms, in order to ensure that automated processes are properly managed through building cohesive software development teams.


Cocktail Reception

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