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12 November, 2019
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The QA E-commerce Forum: London 2019

4 December, 2019 8am-6pm Le Méridien Piccadilly
21 Piccadilly

Our 3rd annual QA E-commerce Forum London. Software quality assurance is critical to market share. This unique conference is focused on the key drivers of QA, including automated testing, performance testing and mobile testing. We will be diving into the latest in machine learning and virtualization technologies.

About the event

From online to omni channel - automating software quality assurance 

Our 3rd edition of the QA E-commerce Forum is back on December 4th, 2019.

Now more than ever, software quality assurance and robust apps are critical to winning market share. It’s not just about more software, faster. It’s about better software. This unique conference is focused on the key drivers of QA, including the latest technologies for continuous testing and delivery.

Topics we will cover:

  • Virtualisation, containerisation and other cutting edge automation technologies
  • AI and machine learning: software is writing software, but how do we test the results?
  • UX, voice and mobile: what customers want, and how leading retailers are delivering it
  • The Cloud: software testing as a service and the management of test environments
  •  Value stream management and benchmarking best practice
  • The choices between open-source and off-the-shelf testing tools

The full agenda will be available soon, and so far we have speakers confirmed from Nike, The Economist, and Google. If you'd like to find out more, please email [email protected]

You can watch the QA E-commerce Forum 2018 highlights video here




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Roseanne Fields Vitality Group Inc.

Head of Testing and Environments

Having spent 10 years as Head of Testing for Vitality Health, moving the team from a waterfall to agile approach across in house and digital systems, I have now moved to manage all our non-production environments for the last year. We are moving forwards at pace with legacy in house data centres, cloud and now containerised infrastructure. I am putting structure and controls around our existing environments and also embedding these new approaches. I am passionate about ensuring that we are able to create quality deliveries at pace which support our products in being Market leading whilst also facilitating the ecosystem to allow our QAs to excel.

Robin Allport Comparethemarket

Application Architect

Robin Allport is Application Architect for the Marketing IT team at Compare The Market. With over 20 years in the industry, Robin has become a specialist in performance and optimisation of high traffic, consumer websites.

Pooja Baburajan River Island

Head of QA

Pooja has been a Quality champion for over 15 years across Retail, Manufacturing and Media domains.

As Head of QA at RiverIsland for the past few years, she has instilled a quality-first engineering culture and established a continuous testing practice that combines shift-left and shift-right strategies.

She is very passionate about developing people, Agile, DevOps and Outcome-driven culture.

Vetrivel Dev BT

Software Engineering Manager - Big Data & ML

Vetrivel has worked largely in data platforms in varied domains like Telecom, Banking, Insurance and ERP. His key focus areas include transforming the IT estate, digitalisation, automation and machine learning. He focuses on containerisation which empowers actionable insights, predictive and prescriptive analytics to solve complex business problems.

Dileep Marway The Economist

Head of QA

I am an ambitious multi-skilled QA Expert working for 'The Economist'. As 'Head of QA', my team (family) encompasses 14 members in the UK, Belarus, and India. My passion is all things QA Engineering, pushing innovative ideas, shifting testing left and caring about quality processes throughout the whole development process. Our culture is one of happiness and we are the independent voice for quality.

Mark Bradley Sainsbury's

Principal Software Engineer

Mark Bradley is a Principal Software Engineer from London, currently working for Sainsbury’s. Working in the industry for over 10 years Mark has developed a passion for supporting and mentoring his peers and has more recently been working with the apprentice programme at Sainsbury’s alongside his day job. A keen protagonist of Test Driven Development, he launched his own screen cast, ‘Testing All the Things’ in the Spring, to teach the wider community how to practice Test Driven Development and Automated Testing.

Desi Reuben-Sealey Debenhams

Senior UX/UI Manager

Biography Coming Soon.

Flavio Lamenza Vodafone

Senior UX Designer

Biography Coming Soon.

Alp Turgut Nike

Senior Digital Product Designer

I am a creative UX/UI designer located in London. What defines me we a product designer if the deep compassion I have for users, as well as my ability to work effectively across numerous disciplines. When facing design challenges, I don’t just create solutions on my own; I seek an understanding from users and subject matter experts. Since my formal education is in information systems and computer science, I can talk with developers in their language in terms of feasibility and coding. Art is always in the centre of my life; with the aim of simplicity and aesthetics, I care greatly for users and am fuelled by a passion for solving challenging problems through detail-oriented great user experiences.

Louis Powell Google

Head of Digital Experiences & UK Apps

Since 2014 Louis has worked at Google focusing on helping brands grow through mobile. Currently he leads a team of developers, UX researchers, and product managers who help UK businesses make the most of emerging mobile technology on App, Web, and Google Assistant. Prior to Google he completed an MBA in Barcelona and Shanghai and worked at Unilever in both IT consulting and marketing. His experiences range from replatforming ERP systems to launching new products, apps, and websites. He has worked in China, the US, Spain and Germany and now resides in London.



Arrival, refreshments, and networking


Welcome Address

Matthew Crabbe, CEO and Founder - QA Media

Outlining the agenda for the day and: “The Key Challenges Facing E-commerce Firms on the Road to Continuous Delivery”


Automating the SDLC: Vitality Group’s Journey through Microservices and Containerisation to a CI/CD Pipeline

Speaker: Roseanne Fields, Head of Testing & Environments - Vitality Group Inc.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is now possible. Our keynote speaker, from leading health and wellness provider Vitality Group, will discuss their journey from manual to automated testing, and the technologies they are implementing.



Optimising Performance from a Growing Toolbox: Comparethemarket’s Journey to Full Transparency

Speaker: Robin Allport, Application Architect - Comparethemarket

With three million active monthly users, Comparethemarket is one of the top UK price comparison sites. Robin will describe how his team connects its testing toolbox to performance dashboards used by various Engineering departments, and how that information is used to tune performance for both customers and Comparethemarket. The next step: how to tie performance metrics to technical financial data in order derive the detailed costs and benefits from changes in the CI process. For example: How do we test to ensure website improvements don't lead to lost business because of increased connection times?


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Coffee & Networking


Big Data, AI, Virtualization and Containerization: The Cutting-Edge Technologies for Continuous Testing

Our panellists will cover the key elements of continuous testing: from test creation to test analytics. But the focus will be on the growing demands and opportunities in test environment management. What data is required to successfully implement the latest automation technologies, including AI? How has GDPR impacted test data management, and how effective are synthetic data alternatives?

Panel Discussion:

Vetrivel Dev, Software Engineering Manager - Big Data & ML - BT

Pooja Baburajan, Head of QA - River Island


Accessibility Testing for Compliance & Profit

There are two drivers of accessibility testing: legislation (the Disability Discrimination Act in the UK, and draft EU directive) and comercial good sense: your business can win new customers by being optimised for all your potential customers. This session will compare automated and manual (crowd-sourced) methods for accessibility testing.


DevOps and the Culture of Quality: How the Leading Media Business Created the Right Environment for Optimising Software Delivery

Speaker: Dileep Marway, Head of QA - The Economist

This world-famous media brand has created a QA Community of Practice which places IT culture and behaviour are at the heart of ts software engineering. Our speaker will outline how, by building the right culture, incorporating engineering into their QA practice has meant that they have shifted testing left by creating true 'QA Engineers'.


Lunch & Networking


How to Measure the Impact of Your QA Service Provider: A Presentation by QA Vector Research®

Speaker: Justyn Trenner, Corporate Development Director - QA Media

E-commerce firms typically contract a range of external technology service providers to support their software quality assurance, from consultants and systems integrators to process managers and specialist automation providers. But how can they ensure that they are obtaining value for what they spend? Based on our original research and methodology, this session will explore the QA Vector approach to measuring vendor impact. This session could change your procurement process!


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Test Automation Tools: Designing Quality with Software through Testing

It is essential to have test tools that support and enhance testing teams. How can firms adapt their test teams to support SDLC methodologies such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Driven Development (ADD), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Agile and DevOps? This panel will discuss the latest tools that will facilitate the evolution of next-generation automated testing and the next generation of QA teams.

Panel Discussion:

Mark Bradley, Principal Software Engineer - Sainsbury's


Voice and Chatbots: Testing The Outputs of AI for Bias and Accuracy

Voice is the number one priority for most E-commerce platforms, and this session will detail how AI is being applied at the leading edge of voice technologies. But this remains a problematic and controversial area of software development. Regulators are looking closely at how firms are checking for bias, for example in the way AI classifies customers. Where do we get the right data and case studies to feed the AI algorithm? And how do we then test the results of AI? Can software really learn to write software?


Coffee & Networking


Testing UX for the Omni-Channel World

Good UX is the competitive edge - a better app experience means more market share. But what do customers really want, how do we test, and we are delivering it? This panel session will address how firms are integrating and optimising tools for omnichannel marketing, and also best practices for cross browser testing to ensure a seamless experience. We’ll also cover performance and load testing.

Panel Discussion:

Alp Turgut, Senior Digital Product Designer - Nike

Flavio Lamenza, Senior UX Designer - Vodafone

Desi Reuben-Sealey, Senior UX/UI Manager - Debenhams


DevSecOps: Integrating Compliance and Security into your SDLC

E-commerce firms face a growing burden of compliance - such as the implementation of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation. And of course cyber-security is a real and growing risk. Some firms have already invested in DevSecOps as part of the answer, and our expert speaker will evaluate how a fresh approach to managing IT risk has worked for a leading online retailer. We will also cover the state-of-the-art in penetration testing tools, bio-metrics for security and the benchmarks all firms need to compare security in the Cloud with security on-premise. Finally, we'll take a fresh look at embedding GDPR requirements in the SDLC - post Brexit!


The Future of E-commerce Apps: The View From Google

Speaker: Louis Powell, Head of Digital Experiences & UK Apps - Google

The cost of poor engineering is rising all the time, so you need state-of-the-art QA. This presentation concludes our agenda with a view from 30,000 feet. In this interactive presentation, Google asks the questions - are you testing the right things, leveraging the latest apps and technologies, or are you stuck in the old way of doing things? What is "best practice" when it comes to building and testing functional apps in a robust high quality way? And maybe most importantly, what are users going to demand in the future?


Cocktails and Networking

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