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QA E-commerce Forum London 2017

3rd October 2017
08:00am - 06:00pm BST

QA E-commerce Forum London 2017

Quality assurance and IT risk management for continuous app delivery

Introducing our first QA E-commerce Forum London, 2017.

Decisions on E-commerce investment - whether for security or sales - have been more important.

Our expert speakers will be sharing the lessons they have learned from the decisions their companies have made.



  • 110 Rochester Row is located in central London. Situated between Westminster and Vauxhall Bridge, it is just a moment's walk from Victoria Station.

Speaker Presentation

  • The Digital Transition at House of Fraser

    In 2016, one of the UK’s most famous retailers made the critical strategic decision to re-build its E-commerce platform. Paul and Chris will describe the programme that House of Fraser put in place, and how it has moved to DevOps and automated testing.

  • Testing the Integration of Payment Platforms

    Stockholm based Klarna are one of the most exciting new disruptors in E-commerce payments. This session will outline testing strategies for the seamless integration of payment platforms from the perspective of a modern bank. Daniel will share strategies that Klarna have applied to ensure best engineering practices whilst operating in a highly regulated environment, all while remaining agile and revolutionising the payments industry.

  • Embedding GDPR Compliance in the SDLC

    Compliance with the EU’s new data protection regulation GDPR currently poses many challenges in software architecture. Jon will explain how National Trust are embedding compliance into software development whilst assessing the impact and shared challenges that this regulation is creating.

  • Rediscovering Exploratory Testing for E-commerce

    Although exploratory testing has been around for ages, it often leads to confusion. Is exploratory testing an activity – something that you do? Or is it an approach – a way or a style of doing something? Ingo Philipp will outline the common confusions and controversies on this topic. He explains what exploratory testing is, why to use it, and when to practice it. Ingo will specify heuristics and techniques of exploratory testing, especially useful in fast-paced E-commerce development environments.

  • Machine Learning and Testing Metrics at Argos

    How can machine learning be utilised to enhance retailing opportunities? Sharing his experiences at Argos, Kostas will examine how artificial intelligence can be built into software development and how these results can be tested.

  • Test Automation at easyJet

    easyJet is rebuilding its E-commerce platform, consisting of eleven principal operating systems and 8 development workstreams. A key objective is an easy-to-maintain test automation environment that can be applied across the enterprise.

  • Agile and the Cloud at

    What difference do Agile methodologies really make when it comes to implementing test automation and Cloud-based test environments? Kashif will walk you through the key steps that has taken to establish continuous app delivery.

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