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QA Financial Forum Chicago 2023

4th April 2023
09:00am - 05:00pm CDT

QA Financial Forum Chicago 2023

Software Risk Management and Technologies for Continuous App Delivery

A one day networking event discussing the latest in software risk management and technologies for quality engineering and DevOps Featuring speakers from leading banks, insurers and trading firms.

The QA Financial Forum Chicago

April 4th 2023 | Metropolitan Club



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The QA Financial Forum Chicago is back for its 4th year. This forum is a one day networking event on the subject of software quality assurance. 



This forum is free to attend for delegates from financial firms. Our audience will hear from experts and pioneers in new QA technologies from banks, insurance companies, exchanges and trading venues.


There will be plenty of opportunity to network with like minded peers where you will be able to share ideas. There will also be a chance to speak with software technology vendors on cutting edge tools for accelerating DevOps and continuous testing.






The Forum will cover:



  • The emerging role of the Chief Quality Officer: New standards for digital resilience
  • The cutting edge in automation, for DevOps and transition management
  • Test data management in the Cloud
  • Industry case studies: requirements for insurance, trading and customer-facing apps
  • Compliance and QA: New standards for digital operation resilience

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Delphix is the industry leading data company for DevOps. Data is critical for testing application releases, modernization, cloud adoption, and AI/ML programs. We provide an automated DevOps data platform, masking data for privacy compliance, securing data from ransomware, and delivering efficient, virtualized data for CI/CD and digital transformation.
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Applitools is on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release visually perfect mobile and web apps. We are the only commercial-grade visual-AI solution that validates the user interface in a fully automated manner, with our ground-breaking image processing stack that we developed from scratch in-house. The Applitools platform seamlessly integrates with your existing Appium tests and also runs across multiple browsers/devices on our Ultrafast Test Cloud. For more information, visit
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Aspire Systems is an ingenious leader in the banking and financial services industry with a concrete focus of transforming traditional banks and financial organizations into highly digitized establishments in a worldwide scale. Aspire Systems believes in pioneering the infusion of better customer engagement resulting in drastic improvement of satisfaction levels with the help of technology and has been the most valued player offering finest digital, data, core banking and quality engineering solutions. We work with some of the world’s most innovative enterprises, independent software vendors and leading financial institutions, with a focus on leveraging technology and outsourcing our distinct areas of expertise.
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During the application testing process, are you exposing your data to an external SaaS provider outside your firewall? Any risk in that? And are you compliant? Element34 is uniquely positioned to address financial institutions' ever-increasing need for compliant, secure, cross browser/mobile application testing solutions. The company has developed the world's most advanced enterprise application testing solution that lives behind the corporate firewall, never exposing clients critical data to any risk or potential breach of compliance. Our flagship solution SBOX has been specifically designed to keep your data within your secure infrastructure at all times,while delivering a highly robust and low maintenance, intuitive, automated testing experience. SBOX removes risk of data breach and non-compliance, promotes upstream agile testing and delivers unparalleled speed and reduced time to market.
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At K2View, we believe that every enterprise should be able to leverage its data to become as disruptive and agile as the best companies in its industry. We make this possible through our patented Data Product Platform, which creates and manages a complete and compliant dataset for every business entity – on demand, and in real time. The dataset is always in sync with its underlying sources, adapts to changes in the source structures, and is instantly accessible to any authorized data consumer. Data Product Platform fuels many operational use cases, including customer 360, data masking and tokenization, test data management, data migration, legacy application modernization, data pipelining and more – to deliver business outcomes in less than half the time, and at half the cost, of any other alternative. K2View Test Data Management tool ingests data from production sources, and organizes it according to your organization's primary business entities, for example, customers, orders, products, etc. A self-service web portal enables DevOps and QA teams to quickly create tailored and masked test data subsets without code.
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Speaker Presentation

  • Containerization - The New Frontier in Automation at Northbridge Financial

    Speaker: Pushpinder Malhotra, Senior QA Automation Manager, Northbridge Financial Northbridge Financial is one of Canada's largest insurance companies. Pushpiner's experience spans 16 years of working with different testing tools, as automation technologies have developed in parallel. Her presentation will focus on how Northbridge is now moving to continuous, in-sprint, testing as it adopts containerization as a cornerstone of its app development, and how it is reducing app delivery times as a result. In addition to discussing the challenges of adapting and replacing legacy architecture. Pushpinder will also be covering some specific solutions Northbridge has adopted for customer app testing and also for IFRS compliance reporting.

  • Chaos Testing for Complex Markets: Scaling High-Performance Software to Meet New Risks

    Speaker: Thomas Long, Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, oneZero Financial How can trading applications rapidly evolve and scale in an environment where risks and threats are also rapidly evolving as ongoing threats? Chaos testing is an approach developed with this in mind. The principle is to take performance testing and load testing to the next level, combining "known" events such as crashes, networking issues, security threats, multi-threading and so on to discover the potential "unknown" impact of multiple simultaneous events. oneZero Financial is a leading markets trading platform, and Thomas will present a general overview of chaos engineering and testing and share his firm's experience of how a small focused team can stay ahead of the curve. He will explain how various tools can be used to target suspected areas of risk and identify the next bottleneck.

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