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The QA Financial Forum: London 2019

27 February, 2019
News and research on financial software quality assurance and risk management

AI and Automation for Mobile Banking and E-commerce

12 June, 2019 8am-9am Le Méridien Piccadilly
21 Piccadilly

The event that maps the new software technology landscape of Open Banking and E-commerce and the new benchmarks for mobile app quality assurance.

About the event

QA Media, the company behind the globally successful QA Financial Forums and E-commerce Forums, announces the launch of an exciting new conference designed for specialists in mobile app development and quality assurance. The Automation for Mobile Finance Forum will feature expert speakers from financial firms at the forefront of new technology: heads of architecture, development, QA as well as mobile business line managers.

The forum will cover:

Automation technologies for development and quality assurance, including AI for visualisation - The DevOps context for mobile development

Security, DevSecOps and risk assessment for the era of open banking and the API marketplace

Developing and testing for mobile in the Cloud, testing for 100s of devices

Performance and load testing, crowd testing and network testing

Beyond mobile: wearable devices, gamification, biometrics and what customers will demand in 2020

Vendor management and quality benchmarking - The regulatory view: How compliance is embedded in Mobile app development




To find out more about sponsorship/delegate opportunities please contact
Lawrence  Bell — [email protected]

To find out more about speaking opportunities please contact
Alex Dickins — [email protected]

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Kirstine Kennedy — [email protected]


Sam Everington Starling Bank

Lead Engineer, Open Banking & Payment Services

Bio coming soon.

Shane Kelly Sky Betting and Gaming

Head of Technology

Bio coming soon.

Milan Kuveljic N26

Head of Quality Engineering
Milan is the Head of Quality Engineering at N26, the first European mobile bank.
He started as a Software Test Consultant where he was helping development teams in large organizations in banking and insurance domain to establish automation in testing culture. Later on, he has moved to Berlin to work on quality and reliability improvements in challenging Ad tech space. In the last decade he has gained practical experience in software testing and quality engineering, in particular, agile testing, automation in testing and tooling, which he is sharing with development teams to improve the quality and process of building software. He strongly believes people are the most important aspect in software development, thus in terms of agile, he has worked with many developers, testers and product managers and helped them to grow both technically and personally. He enjoys speaking publicly at the conferences and meetups where he shares his knowledge and experience.

Graham Lee Thomas Cook

Group Head of Automation and AI

Bio coming soon.

Fausto Dassenno eBay

Head of Product and Tech B2C and Verticals

Fausto has more than 15 years' experience in product and tech with a primary focus on the Classifieds and E-commerce world. He has had various roles at eBay and other high-profile tech companies, starting as a developer and moving on to Head of Product and Product Director roles. He is a “creator” at heart and loves to build things. He is now leading the product and tech team for verticals and B2C at He is also a Blockchain advocate and part of the eBay Blockchain Inventors Group.



Welcome Address

Matthew Crabbe, CEO and Founder – QA Media


An E-commerce Perspective on the Application of Automation, AI and RPA for Testing Mobile Apps

During this presentation delegates will gain practical insights into how leading E-commerce firms are automating quality assurance and testing frameworks using AI and RPA. This session will examine the various applications of AI to different areas of the business to ensure that firms are delivering better mobile apps, whilst also considering how firms can leverage RPA to optimise their omni-channel strategies to provide a high quality, automated retailing experience.


Ensuring High Quality UX for Mobile Using AI

This session will examine how a leading bank is optimising UX for mobile, by ensuring a high quality of QA and testing. However in order to attain this, it is imperative that firms understand the requirements customers want from their apps. In particular, this session will also examine the potential AI could present to automated mobile app testing, whilst also considering the balance between manual and automated processes to ensure a high quality UX.


Presentation Reserved for Gold Sponsor


Coffee & Networking


PSD2, Open Banking and Payments: Examining the Impact on Mobile Apps

Our panel of speakers from payments platforms, banks and E-commerce firms will discuss the evolution of the new open banking landscape, and consider the impact of the PSD2 regulation on existing payment infrastructures. The discussion will also examine key technologies for testing APIs, with particular emphasis on containerisation and virtualisation, whilst also exploring the potential AI could bring to current automated practices.

Panel Discussion:

Sam Everington, Lead Engineer, Open Banking & Payment Services - Starling Bank


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Getting Ahead of the Curve: Exploring AI and Automation Trends in the Telecoms Industry

It is commonly acknowledged that the telecoms industry has seen the greatest disruption as a result of AI based technologies, as firms have implemented automated processes in order to meet customer demand. During this session, a leading telecoms firm will examine how their adoption of automation has allowed them to drive customer engagement, and how they have been applying AI to their software development to achieve greater operational and cost efficiency. Additionally, delegates will gain key insight into where the telecoms industry foresees technology in mobile going, and which QA challenges they anticipate.


Lunch & Networking


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Assessing Different Methods of Testing Mobile Apps

During this panel discussion, leading firms will examine different methods of testing mobile apps to ensure peak quality and performance. We will explore the potential and limitations of app testing strategies such as crowd testing, cross browser testing, cloud-based testing and automated testing, ensuring that firms understand how different methodologies can be applied to their app testing frameworks, allowing firms to establish effective app software QA.

Panel Discussion:

Shane Kelly, Head of Technology - Sky Betting and Gaming


Automation in Mobile Testing at N26

Speaker: Milan Kuveljic, Head of Quality Engineering - N26

Developing mobile applications requires robust testing process which will prevent defects and deliver the best value and quality to the users, and Automation in testing is crucial in solving particular challenges in testing. In his talk, Milan will focus on: how to design automation framework for mobile app testing,  key attributes to consider when defining automation principles, what tools can be used and the challenges of automation for mobile testing. Participants will walk away with ideas and best practices on how to improve quality of mobile applications and reduce time to market by implementing automation in testing.


Coffee & Networking


Key Technologies in Mobile Automation for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

Most financial and e-commerce firms have targets for increasing rates of test automation for mobile, but many are only at the start of that transformation, and even among the leaders there is no agreed best practice or the tool set. Our panel will discuss the relationship between automation, DevOps and Agile, and examine how the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning and RPA can be leveraged to achieve continuous app delivery to meet the demands of complex markets and connectivity challenges.

Panel Discussion:

Graham Lee, Group Head of Automation and AI - Thomas Cook

Fausto Dassenno, Head of Product and Tech B2C and Verticals - eBay


Ensuring Quality Test Data Management and Test Data Environments to Optimise Mobile App Testing

With greater volumes of data to manage than ever before, financial institutions need to ensure effective test data management strategies are implemented into their mobile app software testing frameworks. This session will explore best practices for testing mobile apps in the cloud and the process of virtualisation, ensuring firms are testing their apps in a wide variety of environments. Additionally, this session will explore the potential capabilities of automation, examining the applications of this technology to the management and synthesis of test data to ensure that time to market of mobile apps is minimised.


Cocktail Reception

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