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Capgemini, the Paris-headquartered technology company, has released the 15th edition of its World Quality Report, co-published by Sogeti and OpenTex and based on interviews with 1,750 executives at different respondent firms.

For the 2023-34 edition, this annual overview on the current state of quality engineering contains some insights on the financial services sector authored by Anand Moorthy [pictured], VP and head of quality engineering and testing, financial services, Capgemini. 

The WQR highlights legacy systems and past decisions (34% of respondents), lack of skills (30% of respondents) and collaboration issues (18% of respondents) as the major challenges hindering further automation in quality engineering at financial firms. It also identifies a shift in focus at financial firms; a focus that was initially on automating functional testing but now prioritises: “Non-functional testing, prompting us to revisit the basics of business and modernise them”. 

Moorthy’s section of the report goes on to detail how governments and international institutions are engaging in discussions about the policies and compliance necessary for regulating the use of AI, and suggests: “Increased collaboration with cloud providers to navigate heavy regulations” as an avenue the financial services sector should investigate.

More broadly, the WQR report provides an overview of broadert trends in quality engineering affecting firms of all types, including:

  • Continued growth of automation, including the use of AI in creating test cases, mock situations, and finding defects is growing. Hyper-automation, which involves automating complex tasks, is also seeing increased usage. However, the need for human input in creating initial test cases remains a challenge.

  • The increasing importance of generative AI in quality engineering: This technology is being used for optimising the scope of quality activities and generating test requirements.

  • Emphasis on testing AI-integrated systems: Testing AI was found to be the number one focus area for automation in organisations over the next 12 months.

Full report available here.

[Image Source: LinkedIn]

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