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Wirecard Opens API Management and Developer Portal

28 January 2019
The fintech has rolled out a proprietary API management portal to facilitate integration with partner financial institutions.

German fintech Wirecard has launched a new API Management and Developer Portal, allowing partner financial institutions to easily integrate the Wirecard digital platform into their environments.

The company has also announced an environment for prospects, where interested parties will be able to test the functionality of the Wirecard platform, in order to better plan and execute implementation. The Wirecard API Portal is designed to centralise all Wirecard APIs, improving and accelerating the onboarding of customers (financial institutions) and making it easier for them to connect their systems to the Wirecard ecosystem.

In addition, the portal provides a “one-stop shop” for all relevant Wirecard documentation including technical specifications, flow diagrams and detailed installation and integration guides. Within the tool, developers can also download templates making it simpler for them to use the Wirecard APIs to adapt the solution to their specific environment and changing needs.

Susanne Steidl, CPO at Wirecard, said, “With our new Developer and API Management Portal, we will make it easier for customers around the world to get to know the full spectrum and deployment possibilities of our digital financial ecosystem in order to ease integration and significantly reduce launch cycles. The sooner they can install and integrate the technology in their environments, the sooner they can start benefitting from the functionality and the sooner they can fully digitalize their operations.”

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