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Video interview: Tim Leithead, Global Enterprise Architect at Moven

7 December 2016
Speaking at the QA Financial Forum New York on November 29th, Moven's Tim Lethead (pictured) discusses mobile apps and the relationship between efficiency and usability. He also touches on the topic of "gamification" and how it can improve customer's saving and spending habits.

Tim Leithead, global enterprise architect at Moven, the US mobile banking business launched in 2013, was a speaker at the QA Financial Forum New York on November 29th. Discussing trends in mobile app development, Leithead said that, for many banks, operational efficiencies and cost savings are a more important driver of mobile app development than improving engagement with customers. Moven is seeking to “gamify” some of the services it offers customers in order to deepen their engagement he said. For example, customers might be prompted to add to their savings in order to hit a target they have pre-set. Or they might be offered the opportunity to compare their spending and saving habits with an anonymised peer group.

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