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Video interview: Jason Anders, technology director at Fannie Mae

12 December 2016
Speaking at the QA Financial Forum New York on November 29th, Fannie Mae’s Jason Anders (pictured) discusses the benefits of centralised test data management. Test cycle and app delivery times are shortened.

Speaking at the QA Financial Forum New York on November 29th, Fannie Mae Technology Director Jason Anders explained how and why the US government-sponsored mortgage securitisation agency created a centralised test data management team. In this brief video interview recorded at the Forum, Anders explains how centralising data delivery speeds up the test cycle.

Anders had previously worked on Fannie Mae’s transition to DevOps environments for its technology platform, which was first rolled out in the development of a new securitisation app. With DevOps, Anders and his team was able to push out code deployments up  eight times per day, with each deployment automatically run through automated testing. Lessons learned from developing the the securitisation app were used to help other teams to implement DevOps.

Anders has since overseen Fannie Mae’s investment in a centralised test data management team and he explains in the interview how that team delivers production data to developers across the firm.

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