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Tricentis acquires Q-up test data management platform

5 June 2018
Using production data for software testing is now "too risky" under GDPR, while Q-up generates test data that is masked or synthesised

Tricentis, the Vienna-based test automation specialist, has acquired Californa-based Q-up, a test data management (TDM) platform architected to provide secure, reliable, and compliant test data on-demand. The Q-up platform offers a self-service interface and a lightweight provisioning agent that, according to Tricentis, reduces test data access times from "weeks to seconds".

The acquisition is partly a response to the new demands of Europe's GDPR legislation and the now prohibitive business risk associated with using production data for software testing. "Organisations are suddenly realising that TDM must become a critical component of a complete data privacy and security policy," Tricentis said.

“For years, companies have been obtaining test data by extracting data from production environments,” explained Q-up Managing Director Andreas Günther. “GDPR will finally put an end to this approach by requiring extracted production data to be masked deterministically and irreversibly. This may be a blessing in disguise, because simply extracting data from production does not deliver data that’s optimised for the purpose of testing. Since organisations are already being forced to re-examine their TDM processes, now is the perfect time to bring their overall TDM strategy in line with the demands of modern delivery processes.”

“To ensure that these new requirements don’t impede software delivery speed, we’re expanding our solution with fast, intuitive ways for testers to add GDPR-compliant test data to their tests—either through extraction and masking or synthetic test generation,” added Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.  “We’ve long recognised that TDM is a linchpin for Continuous Testing. Now, we’re expanding the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform with a unique and innovative approach to providing secure test data.”

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