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In response to market supervisors' increased scrutiny of trading apps, Morgan Stanley has centralised testing for trading algorithms as part of its two-year ATIC project - Automated Test Tracking and Reporting. ATIC, led by Kyle Downey and Manish Tripathi, has remediated missing test coverage for literally hundreds of e-trading algos and test cases over two years to meet regulatory demands and build a framework both for executing those tests and reporting the results. At the recent QA Financial Digital Forum, their presentation focused on how ATIC enables Morgan Stanley to effectively describe stress limits around apps that were previously only describable outside the business as "black boxes".

Kyle Downey is the head of Automated Risk Trading at Morgan Stanley, a department that focuses on automated trading, pricing & investment technologies, as well as the institutional securities global data science platform. Manish Tripathi has been at Morgan Stanley since 2011 and currently is global head of quality assurance for algorithmic trading services, focusing on cash equity trading.

You can watch the video above.

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