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Perfecto Partners with TestCraft for Selenium Automation

17 December 2018
Perfecto has entered a marketing and technology partnership with Israeli testing start-up TestCraft. (Pictured: Dror Todress, CEO, TestCraft)

Israeli QA start-up TestCraft has partnered with cloud-based testing specialist Perfecto. The partnership will allow TestCraft’s codeless test automation platform to integrate with Perfecto’s suite of tools for continuous testing.

According to TestCraft CEO Dror Todress, the partnership will involve marketing collaboration, as well as a technology integration.

TestCraft's will provide the automation component for Selenium testing to users of Perfecto’s toolkit. According to the company, its AI platform reduces maintenance time and cost as it automatically overcomes changes in the app being tested.

The platform enables users with a limited technical background to turn their manual test scenarios into Selenium-based automation. Testers can visually create automated, Selenium-based tests using a drag-and-drop interface, and run them simultaneously on multiple browsers and work environments.

“Initially, we’re going to support testing for web and mobile web. Our platform will be embedded into Perfecto's and available to their customers, wishing to create Selenium-based automation for web and mobile web applications,” said Todress.

The partnership will evolve further, said Todress.

“The next step in the partnership will be to provide test automation for native mobile applications, most likely via Appium,” he commented. “Work on this project will begin after we release the first integrated solution early in 2019.”

This is TestCraft’s first marketing and technology partnership with a major testing specialist. Todress stated that the company, now in its third year, is always on the lookout for further partnerships and this will play a significant part in its strategy in the coming year.

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“This is another very significant growth channel for us,” said Todress. “In 2019, we will be looking at other partnerships in this space, but not necessarily in this exact format.”

The company will also continue to pursue organic growth. Over its two years of existence, the Israeli start-up has made inroads into the financial services sector as well as retail, government and healthcare among others. In 2019, it will aim to grow its sales team and focus on organic expansion.

TestCraft is uniquely positioned, as its product both integrates and competes with the popular open-source automation software Selenium.

“Our main competitor today is plain Selenium. Our target customers are companies looking at Selenium test automation," Todress said. "Some of these organisations have started and others are looking to start their automation projects. Selenium is the obvious choice for most of them, as it has become the de facto standard in the industry.”

“However, many of the companies that we talk to struggle with Selenium for two reasons. Firstly, starting or expanding your Selenium practice requires a team restructuring and even, sometimes, replacing part of your team with automation engineers. This is not easy and companies risk losing some of the knowledge and experience that business testers have about the applications and business processes.”

“Secondly, there’s a significant time and money investment that goes into hiring new employees and creating a Selenium framework. We offer a much more streamlined alternative,” said Todress.


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