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Neotys NeoLoad Integrates with Apposite NetropyVE to Offer IoT Load Testing at Scale

6 September 2018
QA Financial spoke to Neotys VP of Partners and Alliances, Laurent Gaudy (pictured) about the integration and the company's future in IoT.

Load testing specialist Neotys has announced a new integration with Apposite Technologies’ virtual network emulation software. The integration is meant to deliver large scale network load testing to IoT platform performance. It will allow IoT projects to mimic a variety of network topologies and scenarios in a controlled and repetitive manner.

Apposite’s NetropyVE helps teams predict how the IoT platform will handle any network (i.e. mobile, Wi-Fi WAN, or Satellite), and measure the impact impairments--such as network bandwidth, latency, and packet loss--will have on performance. Neotys’s NeoLoad is a load test designer and analyser – the tool simulates large numbers of users using  an application simultaneously and analyses both performance quality of the IoT platform and realistic user response times.

"In complex IoT deployments, applications must be developed and tested in the same 'real-world' environments in which they will be deployed," said Laurent Gaudy, VP of Business Development at Neotys.  "This requires closely approximating the workloads, scale, and network conditions the user is likely to encounter."

IoT is an area that Neotys is looking at very closely and one which Gaudy believes will become increasingly important to Neotys' clients across industry sectors, according to Laurent Gaudy, VP Partners and Strategic Alliances at Neotys.

"IoT pervades any sector now, so any customers of ours across industry sectors including insurance, banking and energy among others, should be interested in IoT solutions," says Gaudy.

In fact, according to him, Neotys has been working on a number of IoT projects such as connected homes and vehicles, even before the NetropyVE integration. However, the integration comes at a crucial point for Neotys and its clients.

"Apposite's NetropyVE comes in very handy when simulating network loads in realistic conditions, says Gaudy. "We want to have a solution that can simulate network loads very early in the development cycle and this integration allows us to do that."

The partnership is just one of many integrations launched by Neotys in recent months, including ones with Dynatrace, App Dynamics, CA AMP and New Relic for application performance management,  XebiaLabs and Parasoft on performance validation and visualisation as part of a DevOps testing practice and Selenium and Ranorex on testing automation.

Through these integrations, Neotys wants to transform NeoLoad from a performance testing tool into an end-to-end testing platform. Gaudy, who sees lots of potential in such partnerships, stated that organic growth is high on the agenda at the moment, but did not rule out potential acquisitions in the future.

Integrating with Apposite will help Neotys expand its service offer, providing workloads and networks tailored to customers’ needs, at scale. Not least of all, Gaudy says, it will open up new opportunities with Neotys' partners.

"While we will be cross-selling to our clients and Apposite's clients, we also want to take this new solution to our partners, global systems integrators like Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, as well as a large number of service partners and local niche service providers."

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