The Chief Quality Officers Network Boston 27 September 2022 Book Ticket

Watch on demand where: Aidan Millar, EVP Group Digital Insights and Chief Data & Analytics Officer from DNB will talk about: 

Norway's leading bank has revolutionised the management of data across the enterprise over the past three years, in conjunction with its move to the cloud. Aidan Millar will explain how that transformation has released $40m annually in capital efficiencies and enabled DNB to compete head on against new fintech challengers for new business. In this Q&A session, we'll be covering what an agile data culture really means in practice, as well as the importance of technologies such as data virtualisation in speeding product delivery, meeting compliance requirements and managing technical debt. We'll hear how DNB has connected enterprise data management to the needs of its software development and QA teams, and also about the bank's plans for leveraging the potential of AI and RPA.


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