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mabl adds new functionality; visual testing for email and PDF

25 June 2019
“We can deliver end-to-end visual testing for the UI,” said mabl co-founder Izzy Azeri (pictured)

mabl, the Boston-based SaaS provider of cross-browser automated testing, has announced new capabilities that it said will allow software teams to validate PDF documents, email content, and other API calls within their end-to-end tests, in addition to web interactions.

Charles Schwab, the San Francisco-based investment management firm has been among clients that have tested mabl’s new functionality for emails and PDFs it sends confirming customer trades, for example, said Izzy Azeri, one of mabl’s co-founders.

“We set out three years ago to redefine software quality assurance and these new features mean we really can deliver end-to-end visual testing for the UI," said Azeri.

“We’re taking test automation and extending it to cover end-to-end, from the front end to the API to email and PDF delivery. Typically large financial firms are doing this UI testing manually and there is nothing else out there that can test PDF files and email verifications of trades that are also typically done manually.”

Financial services firms typically implement a greater number of changes in their UI, so the new functionality mabl is offering is especially relevant to them, Azeri added.

mabl recently announced a partnership with Segment, the San Francisco customer data analytics company that analyses user activity on sites, to enable mabl to offer targeted testing of pages and functionality. With Segment, mabl is able to identify gaps in test coverage based on analysis of application components and data from real user monitoring, Azeri said.

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