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iBeta Quality Assurance Achieves FIDO Biometric Testing Certification

11 September 2018
iBeta will add FIDO testing and certification to its existing list of services.

Software testing lab iBeta Quality Assurance has won FIDO (Fast Identity Online)  Alliance biometric test lab accreditation, allowing it to certify biometric systems to the FIDO Alliance standards. Founded in 2013 to address, FIDO, is a consortium of  banking, financial and telecoms businesses, which counts Lenovo, Nok Nok Labs, PayPay, Amazon and Bank of America among its members.

Its FIDO Alliance Standards programme allows vendors to apply for testing and certification to validate their system performance. The accreditation provided by iBeta is intended to save time and cost by establishing a trusted standard across all biometric modalities.

Gail Audette, iBeta Biometric Program Manager, stated, “By meeting the rigorous FIDO Alliance training and testing process to become the first accredited biometrics test lab, iBeta has augmented our already mature biometrics testing program to include the FIDO standards certification efforts. We at iBeta are excited to begin testing and certification efforts to this new industry standard.”

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