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Genymobile hires Facebook exec, targets new investment

29 April 2019
Android test specialist Genymobile has hired Tim Danford (pictured) as its new CEO to drive growth of its Cloud-based emulation platform.

Genymobile, the San Francisco-based Android mobile testing specialist, has hired Tim Danford from Facebook as its new CEO. At Facebook’s innovation lab, Danford helped launch the Terragraph wireless network project, among other projects.

“My background is in mobile, as an entrepreneur, and as an investor,” Danford said, adding that Genymobile will be looking for new partners and investors to accelerate its growth.

The company was founded in 2011 in Paris by Arnaud Dupuis, who is now focusing on the CTO role at the company. Genymobile moved its headquarters to San Francisco in 2015 and launched it cloud product, Genymotion, in 2016. Genymobile counts Starling Bank, Square and PayPal among its financial markets clients.

Genymobile’s specialisation is emulated testing for Android devices, delivered both as SaaS and via the Cloud platforms of Amazon Webservices, Google and Alibaba. “Globally, Android is the platform of choice. In terms of its technology, it’s open, and that access to the code base is how we’ve built our cloud test platform,” said Danford.

Mobile app testing on emulation platforms in the Cloud is a fast-growing market. Large financial firms in particular now have to test apps and new software releases on anything up to 200 devices. Larger banks may prefer to run their own in-house ”farms” of physical devices, but as the volume of test requirements has grown, more are opting for Cloud-based out-sourcing.

“Our focus in the past has been on helping our customers to save money and be more efficient in app delivery. We want to continue to do that, but also expand on helping companies deliver more revenue,” said Danford.

“For example: we’re now getting a lot of requests from sales and marketing people at customer firms who want our help in getting their apps better understood by customers, maybe by demonstrating to customers how those apps work. This trend is important for banks because they are not about mobile per se, they are about banking. And that’s where we can help.”

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