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Extent conference to cover the challenges of compliance, machine learning and Agile

15 June 2018
Yvette Berman of Deutsche Bank (pictured) is one of the keynote speakers at cutting edge event
QA Financial is delighted to be the media partner for Exactpro's exciting Extent software testing conference in the City of London on June 20th. A technical and progressive agenda will cover key topics facing functional and non-functional testing specialists working in finance.
As one might expect from an event produced by a testing company that was owned by the London stock Exchange Group until it was acquired by its management earlier this year, the demands of software testing in complex trading markets will dominate the agenda.
One keynote speaker will be QA Financial's own Justyn Trenner, who directs our QA Vector Research platform. Trenner will be presenting the results of our recent research into how banks and other financial firms are delivering better software, faster. In particular, he will focus on how firms are balancing the need to achieve cost efficiencies in the age of automation with the growing - and potentially very expensive - burden of regulatory compliance requirements that impact on software development.
Regulation is also the theme of a presentation by Yvette Berman, vice president at Deutsche Bank who will present on quality assurance for risk systems and the bank's over-arching framework for managing software quality assurance. Regulatory change is the key challenge Berman  will  discuss in this context, and perhaps the single largest compliance requirement facing Deutsche Bank is Basel's Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), which banks will have to implement between 2022 and 2027. The FRTB is designed to ensure banks have a true enterprise-wide view of risk and so will be a major driver of software testing requirements as firms strive to connect their front office systems with their risk platforms.
Other featured speakers include Timothy Hogben, COO of the Australian Securities Exchange who will speak on "Disruptive Technologies and Blockchain" and,  joining a panel on market surveillance and machine learning, Kaushalya Kularatman, head of quantitative surveillance and technology at the London Stock Exchange. The programme will also feature a number of speakers from Exactpro who will tackle a range of technical topics including the applications of Agile methodologies, machine learning and testing post-trade technologies.
You can see full details of the Extent conference, including the agenda and registration details here

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