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Experitest hires Eran Kaufman to expand market share across EMEA

1 May 2018
Eran Kaufman, former Director at Quali, has joined continuous digital testing specialist Experitest to increase revenue and market share across EMEA, and financial services continue to be a key target for the company

Eran Kaufman has joined Experitest, an Israel-based specialist in end-to-end enterprise solutions for continuous digital testing, as the Director of Sales and Partners for EMEA.

Kaufman, who moved from cloud sandbox provider Quali, joined Experitest on April 1, and is tasked with expanding revenue and market share across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.   

“As a company, we are experiencing high growth. We are very committed to the markets in Europe as we see high potential there, particularly in the financial sector,” Kaufman told QA Financial. “And the UK, being a key financial market in Europe, will continue to be a big area of focus for us.”

Experitest provides end-to-end enterprise solutions for continuous digital testing, and covers applications accessed via mobile devices, browsers and also IoT. “Our digital assurance lab is a cabinet of real mobile devices and browsers. Our customers can start small and then scale up to 100s or 1000s of devices and browsers,” explained Kaufman. “Typically a bank needs to test a B2C application on every possible mobile phone, this is hundreds of devices, as well as a number of browsers.”

The company’s off-the-shelf digital assurance lab can be installed on-premises or serviced from its data centre, and its capabilities include test creation, test execution, reporting and analytics. “Having an on-premise solution has proved particularly important to our financial services customers because of security. They don’t want to send data outside their premises,” added Kaufman.

Today, Experitest has over 1,000 customers including JPMorgan, Barclays and BNP Paribas. “In the past, mobile apps were a ‘nice to have’ for a bank. But in the age of digital transformation, they have become critical. Most interaction customers have with the bank is via digital channels, and so a mobile app today is the bank, it’s the core business,” said Kaufman. “On the one hand, banks need to ensure the quality and the user experience of applications to retain their customers. On the other hand, the test cycles need to be much quicker to release applications much faster than they used to. We are here to help banks and financial services stay competitive.”

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