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Esprow, the test and compliance automation specialist,has launched a new API management tool as part of its Enterprise Testing Platform (ETP) for the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) trading system.

Based on the new FIX Orchestra technology standard defined by the FIX Trading community, S-Box is designed to act as a central repository for creating, browsing, managing, sharing, and exporting specifications for both FIX and non-FIX protocols.

“API management is becoming increasingly important as more organisations rely on APIs to drive their digital transformation efforts,” said Francesco Lo Conte, CEO of Esprow (pictured). “With ETP S-Box, we’re making it easier for companies to manage their FIX APIs, so they can focus on delivering value to their customers.”

S-Box features include: the ability to create and manage APIs, support for a variety of exchange protocols such as FIX, text, and binary, exporting and editing for dictionaries and documentation, and the generation of API specifications from production log files.

Additionally, ETP S-Box offers a REST API for exporting XML-based message specifications programmatically into other systems, including FIX engines and exchange line handlers.

ETP S-Box also integrates within FIX trading gateways and CI/CD pipelines and offers role-based access control for added security.

Integrating with Esprow’s ETP Studio and ETP C-Box for automated testing and onboarding, S-Box can be deployed on-premises or to the Cloud. The ETP Markets platform also includes complex global exchange and market simulation for robust API testing.

Esprow claims S-Box is not only suitable for FIX-based API, but can be used to centralise the overall management of FIX and non-FIX message protocols specifications, such as Swift or proprietary protocols.

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