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CA Technologies Signs up to Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers Research Group

1 August 2018
US tech services vendor joins has joined an EU-funded research project on implementing privacy into every step of software development.

Following the rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across the EU last May, software provider CA Technologies has signed up to participate in the “Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers” (PDP4E) European research project, aiming to provide software engineers with the necessary tools to apply privacy standards throughout the software design process.

The project will allow developers to integrate privacy at every step of the design process, in order to more easily comply with legislation such as GDPR and other international privacy standards. The process is referred to as Privacy by Design (PbD) and sets out to provide a clear framework for implementing the general guidelines of GDPR.

“Regulation often only provides abstract guidance which means software engineers struggle with translating its goals into development specifics, while data privacy specialists lack the mechanisms to implement and validate compliance,” commented Otto Berkes, EVP & CTO, CA Technologies.

The PDP4E project currently comprises eight technology partners from four EU countries – France, Belgium, Germany and Spain - and is funded by the European Union H2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Within the project, CA will research the market requirements for PbD in light of GDPR and ensure that the tools and methods emerging from the project answer these needs, as well as develop a risk assessment and management tool focusing on data protection risks.

The results will be tested within two applications, chosen because of their relevance to PbD - a fintech application domain and a smart grid energy application domain. As a follow up to the project, the results will be promoted among Europe’s largest software development communities, including the Eclipse Foundation and IPEN. From these collaborations, an open Alliance for Privacy and Data Protection Engineering will emerge to facilitate continuous communication between software developers, organisations and data privacy experts, ensuring compliance with data privacy standards.

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