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What's the right amount of effort to spend on quality during the software development life cycle? While there are various benchmarks for code quality analysis, banks lack a single, simple measure for the return on investment they derive from the total of the changes they make to their software quality processes. QA Financial has responded to this challenge with the launch earlier in 2020 of the QA Financial Vector Analytics. The Bank of England is a launch partner for this new service, and in this session at the QA Financial Digital Forum last June, Jordan Daniel, head of test and assurance at the Bank of England, discusses  QA Vector Analytics with QA Financial's Justyn Trenner.

 "While our participation in the project is partly aimed at benchmarking our own internal software development processes, we also see a growing need for benchmarks for software quality and resilience that can be shared by banks and other financial firms," Jordan Daniel said in a press release announcing the launch of QA Financial Vector Analytics. 

"The launch of [the service] is especially timely as those firms have been re-assessing their software platforms in response to the impact of Covid-19 on their customers and their own development teams."

Click on the video above to watch his full session

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