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Research by QA Vector® Analytics, QA Financial's benchmarking platform, has identified test service virtualization as a key technology for accelerating app delivery - and quantified the benefits to financial firms.

The research, sponsored by Parasoft, a leading provider of virtualization technology via its Parasoft Virtualize platform, draws on QA Vector®  Analytics data provided by more than 20 financial institutions and in particular the experiences of ING and Bank of America.

Download your copy of the research paper here. 

You can also watch a video recording of an online seminar produced by QA Financial, featuring Raymond Smit, QA lead for ING's core mortgage system, and Istiak Ahmed, senior vice president for quality assurance at Bank of America, discussing the the quality challenges they face as they transition to continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and why they looked to service virtualization and Parasoft to accelerate that transformation.

Watch the video here.

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